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Detailes And Specifications:

  • SIZE: 90*90cm, FOLDABLE
  • Max weight: 75KG
  • Entrance: zipper
  • The Color can be customized


Sturdy children’s trampolines and foldable children’s trampolines can save customers a significant amount of living space. The heavy-duty frame is constructed from robust and durable materials, allowing children to bounce indoors to their heart’s content.

Frequently Asked Question

As a trampoline manufacturer, we are involved in trampoline industry for around 10 years.

It depends on the products if it is regular or not.

We have passed TUV certificate. And you can have our sample for testing by yourself.

The price depends on the raw material such as steel which is the most important part,and net, PVC,PP. Low price can not get premium product. We can only get the right product for the right price.

We can use inner or outer safety net on all of the trampolines. When we use outer safety net, we can have more jumping space on our trampoline. Both of them are safe.

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